Clase De Sacado De Cejas Con Tintado | Henna

Clase De Sacado De Cejas Con Tintado | Henna

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Our goal is to ensure your safety so we will be disinfecting your area thoroughly. You and your models will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 form before your course begins to comply with city guidelines.


This is a group training. For private trainings, you must contact us directly.

You will be provided with a digital manual, something to write your notes in and although we suggest bringing your own model so you can feel more comfortable, we provide one for you! So you don't need to bring anything!

What your training includes:

★ Starter Kit

★ Certification

★ Digital Manual

★ Practice on a real model

★ Open access to your training 

What we will go over:

Class is from 10am-4pm

  • History
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Which products to purchase/money saving
  • Proper wax application
  • Proper tint application
  • Various skin
  • Theory 
  • Consultation with your clients
  • Marketing
  • Social Media and photography
  • Best editing apps 
  • Live model demonstration
  • Q and A's



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