Miami Ombre (Powder Brows) | Microblading Special Course (3 Days)

Miami Ombre (Powder Brows) | Microblading Special Course (3 Days)

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Class Overview:

This training session is designed for groups, for private sessions, please reach out to us directly if you'd like a 1:1 class.

3 Day Class- Our classes are meticulously detailed, informative, and hands-on. We dedicate ample time to assist each student, offering guidance even after the class concludes. Upon enrollment, you'll receive a digital manual and note-taking materials.

This class includes the method of microblading (manual technique) and ombre brows(permanent makeup machine), so you will have the opportunity to learn each method and the combination of both at the same time.

The state of NY requires you to have a tattoo license or to be enrolled in the exam before we begin. It is a simple process and only costs $126. If you need guidance, we are here to help!

While bringing your own model is recommended for your comfort, we also provide models to ensure a hassle-free experience—meaning you don't need to bring anything!

Your training package includes:

★ Starter Kit ($1100 Value)

★ Certification

★ Digital Manual

★ Practical experience on a live model

★ Practice on fake skin

★ Open access to your training

Topics covered in the class:

  • History
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Where to purchase the best products
  • How to use your machine
  • Practice on fake skin
  • Theory and color
  • Consultation with your clients
  • Marketing
  • Social Media and photography
  • Best editing apps 
  • Live model demonstration
  • Q and A's

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