Miami Microblading Class (2 Days)

Miami Microblading Class (2 Days)

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Class Overview:

This training session is designed for groups, for private sessions, please reach out to us directly if you'd like a 1:1 class.

2 Day Class- Our classes are meticulously detailed, informative, and hands-on. We dedicate ample time to assist each student, offering guidance even after the class concludes. Upon enrollment, you'll receive a digital manual and note-taking materials.

The state of Miami requires you to have a tattoo license or to be enrolled in the exam before we begin. It is a simple process and only costs $85. If you need guidance, we are here to help!

While bringing your own model is recommended for your comfort, we also provide models to ensure a hassle-free experience—meaning you don't need to bring anything!

Your training package includes:

★ Starter Kit ($800 Value)

★ Certification

★ Digital Manual

★ Practical experience on a live model

★ Practice of fake skin

★ Open access to your training

Topics covered in the class:

  • History
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Where to purchase the best products
  • How to use your machine
  • Practice on fake skin
  • Theory and color
  • Consultation with your clients
  • Marketing
  • Social Media and photography
  • Best editing apps 
  • Live model demonstration
  • Q and A's

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