NYC Keratin Lash Lift

NYC Keratin Lash Lift

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This is a group training. For private trainings, you must contact us directly.

Starting in mid-2023, New York State (NYS) has introduced revised regulations specifically addressing Lash and Brow tinting. As per the new guidelines, it is now prohibited to offer this additional service in any salon. Consequently, in strict compliance with this updated regulation, we regret to inform you that we are unable to conduct tinting procedures on our models during the training sessions.

Nevertheless, we are fully committed to delivering comprehensive instruction on tinting techniques through the use of videos, valuable tips, and other resources. It's important to note that Lash Lifts are also subject to new restrictions, unless they incorporate a Keratin-Based Formula. Our materials will include just that. This adjustment is implemented to uphold the highest quality standards.

This tailored approach proves especially advantageous for students hailing from states where such services remain legally permissible. Our goal is to ensure that our training remains relevant, informative, and aligned with the evolving regulatory landscape in the beauty industry.

What your training includes:

★ Starter Kit

★ Certification

★ Digital Manual

★ Practice on a real model

★ Open access to your training 

Class Overview:

Class is from 10am-6pm

  • History
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Which products to purchase/money saving
  • Proper tool use
  • Various lifting methods
  • Theory 
  • Consultation with your clients
  • Marketing
  • Social Media and photography
  • Best editing apps 
  • Live model demonstration
  • Q and A's



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